EV Helper

Digital companion for EV drivers in Latvia

Welcome to EV Helper, your digital companion for a more effortless electric vehicle experience in Latvia. By building EV Helper we have tried to address some of the pain points we have experienced as EV drivers. Current EV Helper release is just an MVP. We have extensive roadmap with many more tools planned for the near future. Even though we started with Latvia, EV Helper will be go international. In Q1 of 2024 it will be expanded to Lithuania and Estonia. Later on it will cover whole Europe.

While core features are built out, app will be available only for iOS users. However once that will be done, we plan on adding Android app too.


Map of charging stations

You can view map of various charging stations in Latvia. For each charging station we show available connectors, address. For most we include pricing and real-time availability information as well as information about last usage.

Charging log and statistics

You can manually add information about your charging sessions. In the Statistics you can view aggregated data. Statistics section will be greatly extended in the following versions (new graphs, filters etc.).


We offer two useful calculators. First one will help you compare pricing between "pay per minute" and "pay per kWh". Second one will help you calculate charging costs if you charge at home (with fixed kWh pricing or Nordpool pricing in Latvia).

Map feature
Map feature
Map feature

If you want to request new features, partner, cooperate, provide information about charging stations or have questions, feel free to reach out by writing to evhelper[at]w3g.dev